Fall Faves: Japan & Seoul

Ladies Only

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November 5, 2023 – November 18, 2023
Ladies Only | Capacity: 12 spots






When in Japan, why not hop by South Korea as well? Get onto the plane and enjoy the gradually changing colours of fall in Japan and Seoul with Tulu.

This tour is ladies-only.
This tour starts in Tokyo, and ends in Seoul.


  • Exlore the world’s most populous and ever-fascinating megacity Tokyo, where the possibilities are unlimited and everything is happening everywhere.
  • Discover the most stunning temples, shrines and castles – all with a unique backstory – throughout your travel in Japan
  • View the dramatic Mt. Fuji from different viewpoints, one of which the hidden gem Kawaguchiko Mosque.
  • Deepdive into Japan’s history while walking through Japan’s ancient city, Kyoto and get your kimono on to learn how to make *real matcha* during a tea ceremony.
  • Enjoy your walk in Gyeongbokgung Palace’s site grounds, the main and and most grand of the five palaces built in the Joseon Dynasty.
  • Pray the Jumua prayer at Seoul Grand Mosque and stroll through South Korea’s most multicultural neighbourhood Itaewon – the go-to place for the most grammable cafes and entertainment (hello, Itaewon Class!)
  • Shop (and snack on street food!) ’till you drop in Myeongdong – the place to be to find the most fashionable clothing and best skincare.

Of course there’s more – check the timeline tab for more details.

Dates & Rates
This tour is offered on the following dates:

  • Flights included: November 5 , 2023 – November 18, 2023 (14 days, 13 nights)
  • Land-only: November 6 , 2023 – November 18, 2023 (13 days, 12 nights)


  • Flights included: €4500 per person based on a twin share room (flights depart from and arrive at Schiphol Amsterdam). 
  • Land-only: €3500 per person based on a twin share room. Flights to and from Japan are not included. The flight between Osaka and Seoul is included. You are responsible for your own international arrangements to and from Japan.

Depending on availability, there will be an extra cost of €1000 for those who wish to stay in a room by themselves (single stay).

We donate to charity with all Omakase group tours.
Every year we donate 2,5% of your trip rate to charity on Eid ul-Fitr. For example: if you purchase the flight-included tour, we will donate €116,25 (2,5% of €4650) to charity of your behalf.

*Book during Eid for a time-limited discount!*

  • Book alone and get €100 off, or:

  • Book with a friend and get both €200 off. Double the fun, double the discount.

How to book:
You can reserve your spot for this tour by filling in the form under the tab “book” or emailing us at hello@tulutours.com. Upon filling this form you will be asked to pay a deposit to confirm your participation in this tour (deposit for flight-included tours is €2000, deposit for land-only is €875).

Upon timely cancellation you will be refunded the amount paid, minus the non-refundable booking cost (this is included in the trip rate, €200 for the land-only tour, €600 for the flights-included tour). Please see the FAQ tab for more information regarding our cancellation policy.

A minimum of 10 travellers is required for this tour to be continued. Tulu Tours may cancel the tour if less than 10 participants have booked this tour. Please note that Tulu Tours is not responsible for the cost of any extra arrangements, such as flights or accommodation booked by the traveller that are not covered in this tour.

Please check the below list of what is and what is not included for this trip.


  • Handpicked highly-rated accommodation
  • A Dutch/English/Japanese/Turkish speaking tour guide (fully escorted)
  • Meet & greet pick- and drop-off at the airport or train station
  • Entrance fees to sites and activities as mentioned
  • 12x breakfast, 3x lunch, 1x dinner
  • Green tea ceremony with a Maiko
  • Kimono wearing experience
  • Shibuya Sky
  • Panoramic ropeway
  • Entrance Tenryu-ji, Kinkaku-ji, Kotoku-in, Hokoku-ji, Meigetsu-in
  • Shinkansen high-speed bullet train tickets
  • Local transportation costs
  • Jumua Prayers at Tokyo Camii (Turkish) and Seoul Grand Mosque (Arabic)
  • International flights Japan – Korea
  • International flight Amsterdam – Japan (flights-included tour)
  • International flight South Korea – Amsterdam (flights-included tour)
  • Japan Muslim-friendly guide


  • Universal Studios Japan (€60)

Not included:

  • International flights to and from Japan (land-only tour)
  • Travel/health insurance
  • Visa expenses and application
  • Personal expenses (such as telephone bills, wifi, laundry bills, souvenirs etc.)
  • Meals and snacks that are not included in the itinerary
  • Baggage handling and luggage forwarding (unless otherwise specified)

Your bags are packed, you’re all ready for your trip – make sure you’re on time for your flight to Japan! Goodbye Amsterdam, hello Japan (and Seoul)!

Welcome to Japan – you must be exhausted after your long flight!

No worries, we’l await you at the airport and check you in into your hotel so you can freshen up, and get some rest for the night (you’ll need it!).

After our welcome breakfast together, we’ll head to the Imperial Palace and its wonderful gardens to start your day with a relaxing walk.

We’ll then explore the Asakusa district in Tokyo in the morning, particularly known for Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple Senso-ji. With lots of souvenir and snack shops, you’ll want to spend a couple of hours strolling through its Nakamise (shops).

In the afternoon you’ll have some free time to explore Tokyo. Whether that’s a visit to Ueno Park, Akihabara (the place to be for anime lovers), an unreal experience at TeamLab Planets, the cutest cat cafe, or just lots of shopping – you’ll have some time to explore Tokyo to your own liking!

Get ready, as we’ll spend a day in in the former capital of Japan, Kamakura! You’ll hop from temple to temple, zen garden to zen garden today.

The historical Kamakura is home to countless Buddhist temples and zen gardens. We’ll stop by Meigetsu-in, a featuring a round window to its stunning garden (which is a must-visit in fall!), the Bamboo Temple Hokoku-ji, where you can try some *real* green tea, Kotoku-in temple known for its large bronze Great Buddha statue, and many more. In between temples and gardens, we’ll have lunch and shop around at the old Komachi shopping street.

Upon return we’ll head to Tokyo Station’s Yaechika: an exciting visit for those wanting to deepdive into the never-ending shopping wonderland – where you can get lost over and over again.

Today we’ll get up early as we’re heading out to see the dramatic Mt. Fuji!
On our way we’ll stop at Owakudani Volcanic Village, to observe the intense volcanic activity from up close.

Don’t forget to snack on some eggs before we hop into our car to continue our journey to Oshino Hakkai, an ancient healing village where Mt. Fuji features as a stunning backdrop. After a relaxing stroll, we’ll pay a visit to the Chureito Pagoda, where you’ll walk up the endless stairs to capture the picture-perfect view of Mt. Fuji.

We’ll pray at Kawaguchiko Masjid, which features a wonderful view of Mt. Fuji in the background, and hop onto the Panoramic Ropeway, where you’ll have the most magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.

Let’s head out for Shibuya Sky, where you can enjoy a panoramic view from the highest point in Shibuya at approximately 230 meters and 47 stories above the ground! Afterwards we’ll head for Tokyo Camii, the largest and most famous Turkish mosque in Japan, to pray our Friday prayers and to enjoy the stunning architecture of the mosque.

We’ll walk through one of the world’s busiest crossings – it can get overwhelming – and see the statue of Hachiko (highly recommend to watch the movie before you visit!), after which it’s due time for lunch (perhaps time to try some of the popular Japanese fluffy pancakes)?

We’ll explore Meiji Jingu, shop around in Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Dori and Shinjuku district before heading back to the hotel – tonight we’ll hop onto the exciting Shinkansen, which will pass Mt. Fuji again, to check into our next adventure: Kyoto.

Good morning! We’ll wake up early to travel to the marvelous Arashiyama Bamboo Forest of Kyoto while the morning air is still fresh. We’ll stroll through the forest and park, along the Katsura river (where you may want to hop onto a boat if available!), and head to Tenryu-ji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the head temple of Zen Buddhism. We’ll explore the temple from within, and are able to stroll through its garden, which has survived the centuries in its original form.

In the afternoon we’ll head to the famous Golden Pavilion (Kinaku-ji), covered with 18-karat gold leaf, a unique sight only home to Kyoto.

In the morning we’ll head out to Nara Deer Park, where there are over 1200 free-roaming deer (shika in Japanese) for you to interact with. As these deer as so used to the presence of humans, they’re very friendly and will even bow if you bow to them first. You’ll have the option of visiting the Todaiji Temple, said to be the world’s largest wooden building, or the Man’you Botanical Garden.

We’ll them make our way to historic Kyoto and the lovely bright red-colored Fushimi Inari Shrine, which is home to a torii tunnel of almost 4 km in length!


Today we’ll head to Kiyomizu-dera, which is without doubt the most popular temple in Kyoto. Supported by 13-meter-high wooden columns, the temple is made to withstand earthquakes.

We’ll stroll through the Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka slopes to admire traditional Kyoto-esque shops to try local sweets (how does strawberry daifuku, matcha ice cream or dango sound), but not before changing into our kimonos during a green tea ceremony where you’ll master the way Japanese make and drink green tea.


Checking out from our Kyoto hotel, we’ll head towards Osaka, the heart of Kansai.

We’ll explore the 450-year old Osaka Castle’s grounds, now one of the most famous castles in Japan and an important historical landmark.

Then we’ll head towards Namba, Osaka’s foremost downtown center, for one of the many halal options for lunch. We’ll then stop by the Namba Yasaka Shrine, a small shrine featuring a huge 12-meter tall lion’s head.

At night we’ll stroll through the bustling heart of Osaka, the famous Dotonbori canal lit by neon lights and billboards, where we’ll end our last evening in Japan with Japanese Yakiniku barbecue together.

Rest well, as you’ll embark on your Seoul adventure tomorrow!

Optional: you can opt to spend your day at Universal Studios Japan instead (€60) and meet the rest of the group at night for yakiniku.

We’ll check out and hop onto our plane to Seoul, after which we’ll go to the famous Gangnam district (yes, the Gangnam in the 2012 Oppa Gangnam Style!). We’ll make a fair stop at one of Seoul’s most popular temples, Bongeunsa Temple. We’ll then head towards the Starfield COEX Mall, where the grand Starfield Library is located – home to over 70,000 books!

Today you’ll visit the main and most grand of the five palaces built in the Joseon Dynasty, Gyeongbokgung. If we’re lucky we’ll be able see Royal Guard Changing Ceremony! We’ll then head to Bukchon Hanok Village, where we’ll walk around the historical village.

Afer a scenic stroll along Cheonggyecheon, we’ll explore the lively streets of Myeondong, where you can shop (and snack on street food!) ’till you drop – the place to be to find the most fashionable clothing and best skincare.

Any fans of the Korean Drama ‘Itaewon Class’ around? We’ll head to South Korea’s most multicultural neighbourhood Itaewon – the go-to place for the most grammable cafes and entertainment, where we’ll pray the Jumua prayer at Seoul Grand Mosque.

With plenty of halal restaurants around, we’ll have lunch after which you’re free to explore Seoul on your last day as you wish! There might be a thing or two you can’t wait to visit – whether that’s the famous Noryangjin Fish Market, the hip Hongdae district, or an educational trip to the National Museum of Korea.

Today is the last day of your Fall Faves of Japan & South Korea tour! After breakfast we’ll head towards the airport together for your flight back home.

Please note that the itinerary is subject to change in case of unforeseen closures or cancellations, weather conditions, or any conditions that are above Tulu Tours’ power.

Q: I am a solo traveller, can I join this trip?

Yes, of course! Japan is a far destination, both in geography and culture, and your loved ones won’t always be able to travel with you. This does not mean you shouldn’t travel either! We can guarantee that your experience on a group tour will let you leave Japan satisfied and with a great group of friends to share these unique memories with. Also, rest assured that you can give our contact information to your family back home and vice versa, so that they can stay updated whenever needed.

Q: Is it possible to take this tour as part of a longer, individual journey?

Of course! In case of a longer, individual journey, we might not be able to pick you up or drop you off at the airport, and will ask you to meet the group at the hotel or a designated meeting point instead.

Q: Will I have to share rooms?

For all our tours goes that we will arrange twin rooms with private bathrooms when staying in hotels. With more unique accommodations, such as castle, ryokan or kominka stays, single rooms or private bathrooms are not always available. You might have to share the room and other facilities with other guests of the same gender. For all-welcome (mixed) tour groups goes that all accommodations have either private rooms/bathrooms, or are only shared with the same gender.

If you wish to stay in a single room throughout your stay, we can arrange a single room for you at hotels for an extra cost (please see the “overview” tab), depending on availability. For unique accommodations we might not be able to arrange single rooms for you.

If you are travelling with your spouse, we might be able to arrange double rooms depending on availability. If double rooms are not available, we will arrange twin rooms instead.

Q: Do I need a visa to travel to Japan?

Depending on your nationality and country of residence, you may be required to apply for a visa to enter Japan. Tulu Tours does not offer nor aid in acquiring a visa, so please check with your official government website for the requirements.

Q: How big is the group size?

As we focus on quality and memories, we keep our group at a maximum of eight guests (unless otherwise specified). The minimum number of guests is three. If you’re planning on traveling with a larger group or wish to create your own itinerary, please refer to our tailored tour page.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for this tour?

The minimum age requirement for all omakase group tours is 20 years. Please opt for a tailored tour when traveling with younger companions. While we do not have a maximum age limit, please do understand that these tours require guests to be in good health and very active. If, according to our tour leaders, you are not in good enough health to participate in some of the listed activities, you may not be able to join that activity for the day.

Q: I am not Muslim, can I still join a Tulu Tour?

Of course! While Tulu Tours offers curated tours that suit a Muslim traveller’s lifestyle, being Muslim is not a requisite. Even if you are not Muslim, we would still love to travel with you!

Please note that Tulu Tours does not suggest or book any sightseeing spots or restaurants that are not in line with a halal lifestyle, such as bars, izakaya, clubs, breweries and others. If you wish to visit such a spot, we can plan your day around these activities, where the booking or planning of such a spot falls onto you (this only goes for tailored tours, not Omakase (fixed) group tours).

Tulu Tours will continue to make time for prayers during the day as well, so please keep in mind that there will be short breaks from time to time.

Q: How does payment work?

Upon filling in the booking form (see the “book”) you will be asked to pay a deposit of 25% of the total trip cost per person in order to confirm your participation. Payment can currently be made in Euro only (bank transfer or iDeal). Please contact us if you need more information or help regarding payment options.

The remaining balance payment (75% of the total trip cost) will have to be completed 60 days before the start date of the trip. If you fail to pay in time, we might have to cancel your participation, which will be regarded as cancellation by the traveller.

We can work with payment in installments, please let us know in case you’d like to pay in installments.

Please refer to “What happens in case of cancellation?” for more details regarding our cancellation policy.

Q: What happens in case of cancellation?

In case the guest is responsible for cancelling the trip, refunds will be as follows:

  • More than 90 days before tour starting date: you will be refunded 100% of the total trip cost, minus the non-refundable booking cost.
  • 60 to 89 days before tour starting date: you will be refunded 90% of the total trip cost, minus the non-refundable booking cost.
  • 30 to 59 days before tour starting date: you will be refunded 75% of the total trip cost, minus the non-refundable booking cost.
  • 15 to 29 days before tour starting date: you will be refunded 50% of the total trip cost, minus the non-refundable booking cost of €200.
  • 8 to 14 days before tour starting date: you will be refunded 25% of the total trip cost, minus the non-refundable booking cost.
  • up to 7 days before tour starting date: there will be no refund.

In case of a cancellation due to Tulu Tours (when booked through Tulu Tours directly), your trip will be fully refunded, including the booking cost of €200.

Tulu Tours is not responsible for costs associated with any flights, accommodation, or others booked by the traveller that are not covered in this tour.

Kindly do not book your international flight arrangements until after you have spoken with a Tulu Tours representative if you’re booking a land-only tour with us, and after receiving confirmation.

Please note that filling in the below form does not confirm your participation in the tour.
Participation is only confirmed after Tulu Tours has acknowledged receipt of payment.
Tulu Tours will contact you within 48 hours after filling in this form with further details.

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